3.8-11: Fear, and Other Smells, Where my Dreidel At, A Tittin’ and a Hairin’, and We Can Be Heroes

Episode 8 takes a negative look at the treatment of depression. Healey says that it’s “all in your head” to SoSo when she seeks treatment. While I think part of it is, this is not an effective coping mechanism for treating depression. This episode also showed how manipulative Piper is being. She is almost becoming her own villain.

I really liked Leanne’s background shown in episode 9. It was hard to see that not only was she shunned by her own community but then also she had to back-stab her friends. I can see now why faith and believing in Norma is really important. One thing I noticed also is that the characters never ask each other the typical jail question: “So, whatcha in here for?” It’s almost like the show is trying to present the characters first before their stories. It’s like remembering someone only by how they died and not by how they lived.

In episode 10 we see Tiffany get her period. This adds to the theme of parenthood. Her mom gave her a tough upbringing in which it made Pennsatucky lose her innocence very quickly. It also gave Pennsatucky the notion that she should be treated badly by men and just do whatever they say.

In the next episode we see Lolly believing that Alex is part of the CIA. It’s definitely funny and all but kinda sad that she has to make up a story so that Lolly doesn’t kill her. I really think Caputo is doing a good job and that the whole union plot line is not his fault.




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