3.4-7: Finger in the Dyke, Fake It Till You Fake It Some More, Ching Chang Chong, Tongue-Tied

In episode 4 we see Boo’s background. It is interesting to see the mother-daughter relationship and how it continues to burden Boo until her mom’s death bed. Boo’s character is generally really tough and I think this comes from her upbringing. She was clearly not submissive to her mom’s ideas of how a girl should dress, and this made Boo more rebellious just to prove a point. I think the dad was really understanding and supportive, and I was not surprised that he wanted Boo to dress appropriately even at the mom’s death bed. I think the dad rightly chose to support his wife, especially as a dying wish, but I also admire, even though it was really harsh, that Boo decided to not see her mom to support her own beliefs. It gets tricky though because she later regrets this. Believing in something that others don’t is never going to be easy, but I think if it is really a cause you think is worth fighting for, then you must go for it all the way.

In episode 5, we see Flaca’s backstory. Her flashbacks indicate how culture should not define who you are, but ultimately Flaca is left with sewing in the jail, which is not what she wanted. Marisol is also insightful even though it seems like she is not. Maybe she isn’t seen as a promising student or hard worker compared to the normal school system and job market, but she has special gifts that need to be nurtured. For example, she knew how to run her own business, even if it led to a suicide. This episode really dives into purpose and passion and how it is important to pursue them even if it defies the norms and is difficult at times.

I really liked Chang’s background in episode 6. Not only does it show how cunning and intelligent she is, but is extremely ironic especially due to her Chinese background. This episode talks about the ruthless game of the black market, and how Chang broke the glass ceiling in this environment. I think it is also worth noting the recurring theme of not judging a book by its cover. If any backstory takes the cake, it’s this one.

Episode 7 discussed cult followings and being undermined. Norma has very special gifts and has the ability to believe in something strongly, but unfortunately her cult-leader/lover failed to live up to his miraculous standards. I think it’s important for everyone to recognize that faith in something can be a difficult path because you can never truly know the truth.



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