Ending Season Two (OITNB 2.12-13)

This show has been presenting Vee as the “one true villain” of season two to which everyone in our class would agree. I do think that she was the source of evil and trouble in this season, but I also feel sympathetic towards her. Whether she was crazy or had very strange motivations, I think somewhere inside her she did want some type of family. We never got to see Vee’s backstory before meeting Taystee, so we don’t know if something happened in her life that made her have some twisted idea of family. Maybe she didn’t have a family and after a traumatic event, she created some messed up idea of what having a family should be like. She definitely had something she lacked and was trying to fill it in with power and control and deception.

Regardless of this, I think Vee had to die at the end. First off, I almost believed in her when she told Red that they were going to have a truce of peace, but then I remembered how she killed RJ even though they seemed to make up after sex. This foreshadowed her “slocking” Red. The reason I say she had to die is because the show knew that they couldn’t let someone as evil as her get away with her actions. Instead, they let someone not as evil, Rosa, get away with things. The fact that Rosa’s and Vee’s escapes meet, and Rosa’s escape “survives” in a sense, it is almost like good and evil faced each other. Who would come up on top? According to the show, good is supposed to win.

I think it was also important for Taystee and Poussey to become friends again. The whole reason everyone was hating this show was because of Vee, so realistically, once she leaves everything should go back to normal. This season also showed the dissipation of bad when Fig loses her job.


3 pensamientos en “Ending Season Two (OITNB 2.12-13)

  1. I think it is very interesting how you compared rosa and vee meeting as a battle of good and evil I hadn’t thought of it in that way but it is very insightful. Also I wonder if some of the reason you feel sympathetic towards vee is because every one else in the show has these humanizing backstories that sort of rubbed of on vee as you where almost waiting to see hers???

    Me gusta


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