OITNB 2.4-7

Morello in my opinion is one of the few actual psychotic characters in Orange is the New Black, and she is also one of my favorites. She does admit to her craziness later on with Nicky, so this probably makes her sane. Anyways, I was really worried for her. I thought she would get caught, but I felt the rush she was feeling. I think that the show continues using dramatic irony, when we know things that other characters don’t. Because we are able to see things other characters do that would hurt other characters, I think this allows us to analyze the characters’ reactions easier.

The theme of domestic violence has also appeared so far. In Gloria’s flashbacks, we see that she had an off-and-on tormenting and romantic relationship with a guy. This is probably why she cares about Daya; she sees importance in family and doing what’s best for your children. It must be difficult to not see your children for so long, in Gloria’s case. This also brings up the issue of unfairness in prison sentences, or at least the harshness of them. I think it was ironic that the guy Gloria had a relationship with died in a fire because he was earlier complaining about the candles being left around everywhere. That subtle action was foreshadowing his heated death.

I really liked Poussey flashbacks. This added a lot more to her character. She’s also different than the other black girls in the prison because she grew up in a more international environment. I still don’t know how she ended up in prison, but regardless I was really moved by her story. I especially loved the scene when her father stopped her from shooting her German girlfriend’s father. It was a dramatic and sad situation.

Cindy’s flashbacks were enjoyable as well but more from a comical standpoint. On a different note, I think that the fact that Healey and the plant guy let Piper do an inmate newsletter goes to show the mindset of the faculty there. They care more about themselves. Then again, don’t the inmates? There is a constant battle between inmates and officers, but I’m beginning to find it hard to see who’s justified. I mean, everyone tends to abuse power to some extent. We feel bad for the inmates, but are they any “better” than the officers that are portrayed as heartless?



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