OITNB Season 2

This show can be a bit confusing, not explaining everything that’s going on, at least not all at once. For instance, when Piper was taken out of the cell to go to Chicago, I was just as clueless as she was. I think it is cool though that the show paralleled our viewing with Piper’s condition. She had no idea what was going on and neither did we so that built more interest in my opinion.

I found Taystee’s backstory very endearing. The fact that she actually tried to get into Vee’s business and showcase her mathematical talents proved to me that she is more than meets the eye. I want to say she has the potential to become successful, but then again when she had the opportunity to leave, she didn’t.

I can definitely see that Piper’s character is becoming tougher. In season one, she was timid and scared of the jail and had no idea how to handle sleeping with her inmates. In season two, she immediately showed that she was trying to learn how to play the game and was not afraid to say what she wanted when she was fed up with the two inmates pushing her to get the cockroach for the cigarettes.


Un pensamiento en “OITNB Season 2

  1. ya i totally see your points. Piper is becoming wayyy more mean which is kinda stupid but i guess they have to keep her changing. Also, i like Taystee’s backstory too because i’m a numbers person and I’m glad she is smart and able to put herself out there.

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