The Season One Finale

We see that throughout the season each character uses what they believe to be power, but I don’t see it as true power. They are using a false misrepresentation of power abusing their statuses for their own gain. For example, Pennsatucky believes she is chosen by God to heal people. She takes advantage of this position without considering the logic in it. While her intentions may be honest, her act of trying to kill Piper, in my opinion, is an abuse of power.

We also see this with Ashley Figueroa, also known as Fig. She uses the prison’s finances for herself so that she can have a lot of money. Through persuasion, fear, and stealth, she continually tries to convince the workers that she is in control and can ruin their careers in any second, specifically Healey and then man who has plants on his desk. I find it interesting that all of the inmates are being controlled by the guards, but just when you think they have authority, suddenly Figueroa shows that even those who seem to have power are not actually as powerful as you think.

This show how a misuse of power actually backfires. Figueroa looks like she has to cover up her money abuse because someone is beginning to find out where the funds are actually going to. I think this is an important theme for the show to represent because in society today, most people fear somebody in power or at least don’t have the authority that they want. This show is saying that nobody is really in control and that even the ones who seem strong can be brought down by the people who seem weak.

I think this makes Piper a true hero because, although she is still with flaws, she is learning to gain control for what she thinks is good and benefits the entire prison. Eventually it’ll look like the guards are the inmates and the inmates are the guards if Piper seizes enough control.


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