OITNB 1.7 “Blood Donut”

Janae’s backstory was really interesting. She seems like a very tough girl but to see her in the flashbacks with a pony tail and an innocent fall into the wrong crowd allowed me to sympathize more with her. In this episode, she ends up forgiving (in her own way) the entire screwdriver situation with Piper. Many of the episodes demonstrate signs of forgiveness, like Piper deciding to be normal around Alex, Red forgiving Piper for insulting her meal, and the girl with the neck tattoo forgiving Big Boo over the leaving girlfriend dispute. The characters show forgiveness in unconventional and stubborn ways most of the time, but regardless they learn that they have each other to survive in the unpleasant environment of the jail.
Redemption is also a major theme throughout the show. Any of the inmates have the chance to right their wrongs in the jail ironically and can potentially even leave the jail for good and start over. Everyone is under the same roof in the jail, so everyone has a shot at redemption, at being who they truly want to be. For example, Janae committed a felony in her past, which sent her to jail, but with the reopening of the track (further drawing in her relationship with Piper) she is able to fulfill her passion for running and have a fresh start.
This episode also deals with race, as many do, and an example of this theme in this episode is with the WAC Pack and how they are segregated in leadership by race. I think it is interesting how the inmates are all in a way equalized by all being convicts in this jail, all dealing with the same issues, and all have a common enemy (the guards, the justice system, you name it) and yet segregate themselves, almost like they are close-minded or unenlightened.


Un pensamiento en “OITNB 1.7 “Blood Donut”

  1. I completely agree with your sympathy towards Janae’s backstory. I think this is a common thing that the show has been doing throughout the first season. That is that they will present a character as very hard and mean but then show the backstory allowing us to better understand what happened and allowing us to sympathize with the characters as we believe that any of us could easily fall into the same circumstances that led them to jail.

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