OITNB 1.1/2

I love how it blends comedy with a serious situation. The pilot episode brought me into the world of Piper, and I really got to sympathize for her. I admire how the characters are very real. There is no sense of them being over dramatic, but I do believe the show is trying to satire some stereotypes, and it does so very naturally. My favorite aspect of this episode was how it jumped between time periods of Piper’s life instead of playing things in chronological order. This was a raw episode, without filters. I am definitely intrigued enough by the pilot that I am excited to see the next one, especially to see the interesting conversation I’m assuming will go on between Piper and her past lover.

I would firstly like to mention that I am not a huge fan of the intro theme and song. Now that that’s out of the way, “Tit Punch” gave important and interesting insight into Red’s character. It is interesting how she tried finding acceptance with rich women, but she ended up getting that in jail while not in the way she expected. It seems that Piper and Red are both convicted of indirect crimes. Although they are still not fully understood yet, it seems as though these two characters, in my eyes at least, are not to blame for being in jail. This show is showing the sometimes ridiculous nature of life in how it can be random and unfair.

So far I believe each episode revolves around a central theme, episode one focusing on the burdens of the past and episode two focusing on acceptance and forgiveness. Piper to me still seems a little too dumb or gullible, but she is lovable and unique enough in her situation that I can easily follow her and root her on.


Un pensamiento en “OITNB 1.1/2

  1. I enjoyed and agree with your insight into the fact the red was looking for acceptence however that was achieved well she was is prison. However I disagree with your statement that piper is not to blame for being in jail. In my opinion even though she was sort of coerced into committing the crime she still committed it and must take responsibility for her actions and pay the punishment.

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